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There are no reflections or glare on this surface. Matte stretch ceiling retains its color in any light due to the absence of glare.

The increased durability of pigment dyes guarantees the preservation of the original color even after many years.

The ceilings do not fade under the influence of direct sunlight and are resistant to stains.

Caring for them is very simple: just periodically wipe the surface with a soft cloth soaked in a solution of neutral detergent. By the way, a matte ceiling does not attract dust, so “general cleaning” should not be done more than twice a year.

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Glossy stretch ceilings

Glossy canvases are original solutions for “playing” with space and color, as well as combinations of shades and creating multi-level structures.

Satin stretch ceilings.

Satin stretch ceilings imitate the surface of silk fabric. However, satin canvases are made from PVC film, the golden mean between gloss and matte material.

Shadow stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceiling using shadow fastening technology from LuxDesign is a recent innovation in the field of new generation stretch ceilings, which very quickly gained popularity among our customers.

Gapless stretch ceilings.

Gapless ceilings are a flawless, smooth premium surface, a beautiful and reliable finish for many years. Such ceilings are appropriate for any room and go well with various styles.

Fabric stretch ceilings.

An excellent interior solution with many advantages. The fabric is made from natural fibers woven in a special way to give high strength. The finished fabric is impregnated with special polymer materials, after which the fabric is ready for installation.

Multi-level stretch ceilings.

Multi-level stretch ceilings: practicality and aesthetics. In the inter-level space you can hide all ceiling communications or change the geometry of the room.

Carve stretch ceilings.

are decorative cutouts on a stretch fabric made on a machine. This technology allows you to create new masterpieces in ceiling decoration.

Mirror stretch ceilings.

These unique mirror sheets are specially designed to be mounted on free-standing frames of all shapes (2D or 3D), and provide exceptional decoration for public,

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