Gapless stretch ceilings.

Gapless ceilings are a flawless, smooth premium surface, a beautiful and reliable finish for many years. Such ceilings are appropriate for any room and go well with various styles.

The word gapless characterizes the method of connecting a stretch ceiling to a wall. That is, the junction of the film with the vertical surface is perfectly tight, there are no gaps, plugs or decorative inserts between them.

For the installation of gapless ceilings, modern profile systems are used - KRAAB 3.0/4.0, PROF, Shtok. And installers must have special knowledge of their installation.

Advantageous differences compared to standard designs with built-in lighting fixtures; allow you to save on electricity thanks to LED lighting;

Such ceilings are very rare on the tension systems market. At the same time, the new product has every chance of becoming popular, since gapless stretch ceilings have the following advantages: they allow you to create an interesting effect of a 3-level structure without a plug. "Stretch ceiling without inserts." Based on the name, it is installed close to the walls and does not leave any gaps between the walls and the canvas; only a small spherical junction is noticeable, and then only from a very close distance.

Complete connection of the canvas to the wall; Finished ceiling with smooth straight lines and right angles at 90 degrees; No gaps, shadow lines or decorative inserts (edging) between the wall and ceiling; By installing gapless stretch ceilings, you get a flawless, smooth premium surface, a beautiful and reliable finish for many years.

Possibility of installing various types and types of level structures and recessed lighting (spots, internal and overhead tracks, light lines, LED strips, etc.); Possibility of dismantling and reinstallation.