Fabric stretch ceilings.

An excellent interior solution with many advantages. The fabric is made from natural fibers woven in a special way to give high strength. The finished fabric is impregnated with special polymer materials, after which the fabric is ready for installation.

Being stylish and practical, such a canvas will fit perfectly into the design of your living space, making the room even more comfortable and the design unique.

Distinctive features of fabric stretch ceilings are high elasticity and strength. That is why fabric panels are usually chosen for installation in large rooms, where they look especially harmonious and do not form seams.

The fabric looks luxurious, can withstand temperatures from -45 to +50, does not attract dust - it is safe for allergy sufferers, stronger than PVC and resistant to mechanical stress. And the “starry sky” ceiling made of fabric looks like a real one.

We do not recommend washing the fabric ceiling, because... the material is not moisture resistant. It is very difficult to wet clean, most likely there will be stains on the ceiling and the ceiling will lose its aesthetic appearance. "The benefits of fabric stretch ceilings"

  • durability;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • wide possibilities for design;
  • Fabric ceilings allow air to pass through
  • The canvas can withstand both the impact of a ball and even a champagne cork. They can complement curved ceilings and multi-level structures.
  • During installation, the canvas does not require heating, and therefore the use of thermal equipment.
  • if desired, any image can be applied to the fabric base;
  • do not require frequent cleaning due to antistatic properties and a perfectly smooth surface;