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    We also recommend using this type of ceiling

    We also recommend using this type of ceiling covering if you want to focus attention on the interior of the room - furniture, paintings on the walls, etc. In a word, matte ceilings are a good solution for a nursery, office, or library. If we talk about the living room and bedroom, then it all depends on your desire - to have an atmosphere of celebration or tranquility.

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    Ceiling Plan Working Process



    Plan for Ceiling

    A free measurement is the best way to determine the exact cost of installing a stretch ceiling. Leave a request and we will agree on a time convenient for you for a measurement engineer to come.



    Schedule Estimate

    We select and harmonise the concept of design and lighting design. We make the necessary calculations with an estimate and specification.



    Install New Ceiling Design

    After the final approval, we make the necessary structures in the workshop, all the necessary components. On the appointed day, we make a quick and clean installation



    Enjoy Ceiling Design

    Enjoy a great result at the end.

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    The canvas can withstand up to 100 liters of water per square meter.

    Materials supplied by our company do not change color during use.

    It’s worth it! This is the best solution! The material does not absorb moisture and odors!

    Not at all demanding! No need to paint! Just wipe with a soft cloth!!

    The use of suspended ceilings in practice has shown up to 25 years of warranty!!


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