Satin stretch ceilings.

Satin stretch ceilings imitate the surface of silk fabric. However, satin canvases are made from PVC film, the golden mean between gloss and matte material.

The texture of a satin ceiling is less textured and differs from the texture of a matte ceiling. The satin surface looks flawlessly smooth and looks great in any interior.

Satin is suitable for creating complex projects, multi-level structures, and unusual geometric shapes. They have a shiny surface, like gloss, but do not reflect light like matte ceilings. This results in a soft diffused light effect with subtle highlights.

Photo printing can be applied to satin film. The image will be viewed equally well from all angles, without distortion or mirroring. With a pattern, the ceiling will look bright and lively, attract attention, and give the room individuality.

Satin fabric softly reflects natural and artificial colors. Such ceilings are more suitable for those who like a calm style. Their tangible advantage is the formation of a feeling of stability, comfort, and harmony. "Advantages of a satin ceiling":

  • Durability;
  • Soft diffusion of light with gentle highlights;
  • PVC is not afraid of moisture.
  • Protects against leakage from upper floors;
  • The canvas has antistatic properties — it does not attract dust;
  • Has high levels of fire resistance and sound insulation;
  • Allowed for installation in a new building, as they can withstand slight shrinkage of the house
  • Minimum installation time.