Glossy stretch ceilings.

Glossy canvases are original solutions for “playing” with space and color, as well as combinations of shades and creating multi-level structures.

Their surface reflects light well, as a result of which the room becomes brighter and more spacious. In addition, the canvas is treated with antifungal impregnation, which blocks the appearance of fungus and mold. This allows you to install the ceiling in rooms with high humidity, for example in the bathroom.

Thanks to innovative technologies, antistatic additives are used in the production of the canvas, which repel dust and do not attract soot. Thanks to this, a glossy stretch ceiling can be installed in the kitchen and even in a room where allergy sufferers live.

But despite all the variety of positive qualities, glossy ceilings are not suitable for everyone. Reflective fabrics are ideal for rooms with low ceiling heights.

When choosing a color, it is worth considering that the darker the color, the higher the shine.

In addition, the glossy canvas is an ideal basis for photo printing. This texture is suitable for decorating various rooms.

Glossy stretch ceilings look great both in small bathrooms and large living rooms. Installation is possible even if there are significant uneven walls.

In short, this is a modern, excellent design solution at an affordable price. //(/)Advantages of glossy ceilings

  • Lacquered stretch ceilings expand the space and make the interior airy and light.
  • Visually increase the space;
  • Smooth surface with reflection;
  • Pleasant combination of quality and price;
  • Has high levels of fire resistance and sound insulation;
  • Due to its high level of moisture resistance, matte canvas is suitable for installation in bathrooms and toilets;
  • Minimum installation time.